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Option #1 
Customized Homeschool Curriculum Packages 
One of the services we offer is free customized homeschool curriculum development. By this we mean...If you call us, we will develop a complete curriculum package over the phone for you. Our complete curriculum packages consist of 5 or more subjects, depending on the grade.

Your package will include:

Teacher Materials:
Teacher Manuals, Teacher Editions or Answer Keys

Student Materials:
Textbooks or Workbooks (depending on grade)  
A wide variety of products, either new or used, from over 100 publishers will be used to develop your customized order. This process requires a phone call during which we will discuss the specific needs of your student(s) and help you determine your options.  Once your needs are established, your order will be carefully gathered and verified with you before it is shipped.  

The average price range of a complete curriculum with student textbooks and teacher materials is usually around $350 to $575 for a full year's curriculum, depending on the grade. The price you pay is up to you! 
If you have questions or are ready to place your order call: 252 244 0728.

Option #2  

Pre-Packaged Homeschool Curriculum Kits

This is the easy one!  Just choose from the 4 package choices provided for Grades 1 through 12.  Yes, you may substitute subjects. (For Kindergarten curriculum, choose Option # 1). Even though these are considered "pre-packaged kits", we still customize each package so that we are sure it is perfect for your child. If you have questions or are ready to place your order call: 252 244 0728. 
You may also mail or fax your order using our order form.  Fax: 252 244 0728
(Be sure to include your phone number so that we can call you to ask questions about your child's specific needs.)



You may exchange any item in a complete curriculum package within the first 30 days.
In fact, because we want your package to be perfect for your child, we encourage exchanges. All you pay is shipping. Exchanges rarely happen, but we do make the offer just in case.

If for some unforeseen reason you should need to cancel a Customized Curriculum Package before it is shipped to you (after we have completed the consultation and development process)
If you should need to return ALL or PART of a Customized Curriculum Package after you have received it, a 15% consultation fee will be applied and a 15% restocking fee will be applied to the returned items.

This 30% fee only applies if you cancel your order as described above or return all or part of your package.  Otherwise we guarantee your package 100%.  

Shipping and Return Policy

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